What We Need to Keep Adoration at the Basilica. Nothing More. Nothing Less.


Dear Basilica Family,

On May 31, 2021 the Basilica became the first parish in Baltimore City history to launch Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration. Since 1789 no one has ever done this.

We raised the money we needed to have a small chapel, tabernacle and security team. More importantly, we got more than 270 committed adorers to come and pray at all hours—day and night.

Six months ago, this was all considered an impossible pipe-dream. But it happened. God wanted to be with His people in Baltimore City.

After four months, we have already experienced our first miracle.

Security Guard Dies Having Defended the Eucharist

Gary was our security guard through the night. He worked from 11PM to 7AM—six days a week. Gary wasn’t Catholic. But he saw men and women coming to adore Jesus Eucharistic when everyone else was asleep. He saw their reverence and their devotion. He saw their love. This had a profound impact on him.

Sadly, Gary died after three and a half months on the job. He got sick and died in the hospital while I was on retreat in September. A couple days after he died, I found out he was thinking about entering RCIA to become Catholic. Seeing so many people adore Jesus at night planted the seeds of faith in him.

This is a miracle.

Gary died having defended the Eucharist and those who came to adore Jesus. I have to believe this was all part of God’s plan for his salvation.

Gary defended the Eucharist!

Will You Defend the Eucharist too?

In order to keep Perpetual Adoration going, we need people who are willing to defend the Eucharist like Gary did. We need prayer warriors who are willing to commit to an hour of adoration each week—no matter what is happening in our world. We need intercessors who pray for change in our society—like an end to abortion and violence in our urban centers. But we also need people who are willing to support the Eucharist in practical ways, including costs.

Scripture says Jesus had women who provided for Him out of their means (Luke 8:1-3). We are in need of such people now.

The two biggest on-going costs we have to maintain perpetual adoration at the Basilica are security and candles.

It costs us an additional $226.18 a month to have beeswax candles that do not cause smoke damage to the Chapel. Each week, we have to buy four candles. This will be an on-going expense for as long as we have adoration. It is required.

We also have to pay an additional $8,738.63 each month to have security through the night—like Gary.

All told, we need to raise $8,964.81 a month just to continue adoration in the City. This amounts to $107,577.72 a year. We do not make this money in our normal offertory collection.

Usually parishes with perpetual adoration are MUCH larger than we are. We are tiny! And as a parish, we cannot do this alone. We need the help of the community.

If you are willing to donate so we can keep Perpetual Adoration going, I would be most grateful.

It costs us $294.73 to have adoration for 1 day. Would you be willing to become a Defender of the Eucharist and donate that much?

If you have abundant resources and can provide more, God bless you. We are transparent about our costs. We do not ask for more than we need. Every cent will go to adoration.

Thank you for helping us keep Jesus in Baltimore in the most radical and physical way possible—Eucharistic Adoration.

God bless you,

Fr. James